| Sifu Michael A. Martello

Sifu Michael A. Martello

Founder of Zhen Wu International Camps, Director of Zhen Wu Belgium


Mike Martello (♰ 2009)

Master Mike Martello was the Director of the Wu Tan Federation of Belgium, affiliated with the Wu Tan Organization in Taiwan, as well as the European representative of the Zhenwu Organization (AMAR) of Taiwan.

Having studied the martial arts for over twenty five years, Mike has taught and performed in Europe, Canada, South America, Taiwan and across the U.S. He was a nationally and internationally ranked competitor in Chinese martial arts (gold, silver, bronze medalists, 86-88, 90-92 and 94-2000 U.S. Nationals and International Competitions).

Mike Martello was awarded the Taiwanese Kuo Shu medal of achievement for his work in Chinese martial arts.

Mike Martello’s teachers in the Chinese martial arts were Master Teddy Wong (Wing Chun) and Master Su Yu-Chang (various Northern styles), but his most principal mentor was Grandmaster Wang Chieh from Taipei, who taught him Yue Family Qinna, Crane Style, Taiji and Eight Step Praying Mantis.

After having acquired fighting experience inside as well as outside the ring, Mike Martello went on to pursue martial arts truly as an art form.

He highly appreciated the beauty of artistic expression through movement, and this same beauty urged him on a life-long quest of research and perfection. Just as a painter uses pallet, paint and brushes to create a beautiful painting, as a martial artist Mike Martello created magic through movement, rhythm, explosiveness and flow.

To share his beloved art with a greater public, in 2007 Mike Martello together with his good friend Master Zhang Xinbin organized the 1st International Martial Arts Training Camp in Beijing, China. Teachers from around China welcomed students from all over the world under the guidance of Mike Martello.

The camp was a great success and was repeated in 2008 in China and Belgium as well.

The last residence of Mike Martello was in Antwerp, Belgium, where he taught students from all over Europe and received visiting students from Northern America and Asia.

On June 2nd 2009 Mike Martello died suddenly due to a congenital heart condition.

His passing was a great loss to the martial arts world, but his memory and spirit continue to be an inspiration to us all.